Upcoming Meeting Dates

All township meetings will be held via zoom.

To attend a virtual meeting:
Click on the agenda button next to the meeting date
Click on the link provided on the meeting agenda page
Enter the information provided on the zoom site (meeting ID and passcode)
If in the event, you are unable to connect virtually, a number to “call in” is available on the agenda page.

To bring a concern to the board, please e-mail a board supervisor using the email options on the contacts page.

Unless noted, all meetings start at 6 pm cst

October 5th 6:00 pm

November 2

December 7

January 4

February 1

March 15 (2022) - Annual Meeting

March 1

Township News

Check here for the latest information on happenings in the township including proposed projects and other news of interest to township landowners and residents.  

Are you interested in local government and/or with keeping up with what is happening in your township area?  

Are you interested in grassroots level government?

If so, contact a board supervisor listed on our contact page for more information on how you can be involved.

In addition to checking the township news here, it's important to stay up to date on the items that may be of interest to you in Hay Creek Township.  To do that, be sure to click on the Township Board Meeting's agenda for upcoming meetings and attend when there is an item on the agenda that may interest you.  For general interest and if you're unable to attend a particular meeting, click on the meeting minutes link to see what was discussed at the previous meeting.  

Please note: Meeting minutes from meetings need to be approved at the next meeting before they are uploaded to the website so they are a month behind.  To stay up to date on township items, concerns, subjects, regularly checking the posted meeting agenda and attending a meeting when there is a subject of interest to you may be the most efficient, timely way to stay up to date. 

                     Got weeds? 

For more information on how the county may be able to help, visit our Links page by clicking on the Links button at the top of this page and click on the link for Burleigh County Weed Board