Upcoming Meeting Dates

Due to Covid, all township meetings will be held via zoom until further notice.  To attend a meeting, click on the zoom link provided next to the meeting agenda button below and follow the directions on the zoom site. 

To bring a concern to the board, please e-mail a board supervisor using the email options on the contacts page.

July 6

Please note: township meetings are normally held the first Tuesday of each month.  Due to a mistaken date on the website that showed July 7 instead of July 6 for the July meeting, we are providing a link button below to the information 5 Star Storage shared at the township meeting regarding their Hwy 1804 and N. Washington St. project.  If you would like to voice your support or non-support for the project, please contact one of our township supervisors through an email provided on our contact page. If you have questions or concerns you would like to share with 5 Star Storage, please contact them directly.  Contact information for them is on the page the button below links to.   They have voiced they are very happy to answer any questions or concerns residents may have regarding their project.   

August 3

September 7

October 5

November 2

December 7

April 15

Please note:  the meeting minutes from each meeting need to be approved by the board at the next monthly meeting before they can be uploaded so the most recent meeting minutes posted will appear to be a month behind.

Township News

Check here for the latest information on happenings in the township including proposed projects and other news of interest to township landowners and residents.  

Are you interested in local government and/or with keeping up with what is happening in your township area?  The township board has seen some recent changes and is looking to add board members.  Serving on the township board can be a great way to know what projects are being proposed for development in your area as well as learning what being a part of a grassroots level of government is like.  If you are interested, email us using the email link next to Shelly Hegel on the contacts page and we'll get back to you.  

Skunks spraying in your area?  Everyday?!  Several times a day??!!  Not necessarily.   Marijuana growing facilities give off a skunk like odor when there isn't the adequate use of odor abatement equipment.  It may not be families of skunks in your area, just blooming marijuana.    

In addition to checking the township news here, it's important to stay up to date on the items that may be of interest to you in Hay Creek Township in real time as they come to the township board.  To do that, be sure to click on the Township Board Meeting's agenda for upcoming meetings and attend when there is an item on the agenda that may interest you.  For general interest and if you're unable to attend a particular meeting, click on the meeting minutes link to see what was discussed at the previous meeting.  

Please note: Meeting minutes from meetings need to be approved at the next meeting before they are uploaded to the website so they are a month behind.  To stay up to date on township items, concerns, subjects, regularly checking the posted meeting agenda and attending a meeting when there is a subject of interest to you is a more timely, efficient way to stay up to date.  

                     Got weeds? 

For more information on how the county may be able to help, visit our Links page by clicking on the Links button at the top of this page and click on the link for Burleigh County Weed Board